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My issue is bigger than your issue


So much angst, so much fighting lately. I’ve been reading many many comments on Facebook and Twitter and in blogs about people feeling offended when others bring up issues. “You’re not allowed to feel bad about your post-baby belly and stretch marks because I’m infertile, you should just be grateful you can have a baby”. “You’re not allowed to feel good about your body because it makes me feel bad about mine”. “Don’t talk about enjoying food, it triggers my eating disorder”. “My cancer experience is definitely worse than your cancer experience”. “Don’t talk about your workout routines in front of me, it makes me feel guilty about not doing anything” (that one was an actual quote an acquaintence of mine received from a work colleague! They thought she was joking, but apparently she wasn’t.)

Maybe if we all paid less attention to what others say and do and more attention to our own behaviour, our lives would be easier. Maybe what really needs to happen is for everyone in the world to accept others for their own beliefs and hangups and weird little quirks, and love them for it. Wouldn’t that be good? If everyone just went “yep, that’s you. That’s what you think. It’s not what I think, but I absolutely respect and acknowledge your right to say it”.

Think about it. A worldwide movement starts with one person taking action. How about making it your action?

One year on…


On this day one year ago, I stood on the scales and cried.

On this day one year ago I set my laptop up on top of the piano, and took dodgy out of focus pictures of myself holding a magazine, and cried.

On this day one year ago I entered all of my before details into the 12WBT website and cried.

On this day one year ago my life changed. And I’m never never never going back.

The way things change…

Isn’t she beautiful? I bought this little charmer on Thursday night. A bit shout out to Bill at 99 Bikes in Chermside for staying an hour past closing to properly fit me with all the bits and pieces I needed. You guys are awesome!

So yesterday I took her out for her maiden ride. Another friend just upgraded to a very swish Trek road bike, and was keen for a longish ride to try stuff out. Like the maximum speed on the trip computer. We decided to ride from home (inner north west Brisbane) to Nudgee beach for lunch, a round trip of about 60km.

At lunch we were chatting about exercise, and fitness, and stuff like that. And a sentence that came out of my mouth gave me pause for thought. I found myself saying “I didn’t do <exercise program that everyone else did> this morning because I’ve decided Sunday is my rest day. I need to not exercise on my rest day, and I need to be really strict about it or I’ll get overtired again”.

And then I though. Today’s Sunday. I’ve just ridden 30km for lunch, and I’m about to ride 30km home again. Since when is THIS not exercise? It used to be, when did that change?

When I got fit. And when I realised that doing stuff isn’t necessarily formal exercise, but that fit people actually do active stuff for FUN! And being fit gives you the ability to do that as well. Lightbulb moment!!!

At which point the conversation evolved to the fact that there were stacks of families out on the bike path, some with kids in trailers and bike seats, some on their own set of wobbly wheels. My lunch mate informed me that her (self-admittedly obese, even though she isn’t any more) family never did stuff like that. Never. No bush walks ending in a picnic, no family bike rides. Like she said, it’s no wonder they turned out like they did.

My family did that stuff, but somewhere along the line I stopped. Think I need to start again…

Day 3 of Ballistic in January Bootcamp – or, Oh, my aching body!

So. When I got the message from Sweat Depot back before Christmas about their 5 days a week January Ballistic bootcamp, I was keen. Super keen in fact. I’ve improved my overall fitness out of sight with these guys over the past month, and I just wanted to keep going.

Today was day 3. Yep, we started on the New Years Day public holiday. There’s dedication for you! So Monday was doable, and when Charles asked me yesterday how I pulled up after the first day my immediate answer was “not as bad as I expected”.

Hmmm. You know how the experts tell you that after a seriously hard workout you will be more sore the next day after the day after? Guess what? They’re right! This morning I was so freaking sore I could barely move. I kid you not, I have DOMS in the front of my neck. I don’t even know how you exercise the muscles in the front of your neck!

So looks like tonight is going to involve hot water, and Radox, and an early to bed session in preparation for day 4 tomorrow. That’s right campers, I’m backing up again in the morning. Friday is a day of rest, Saturday is Mt Coottha again, and then the 5th session of the week for Sweat Depot involves a mystery destination. All will be revealed! Unfortunately I’m going to miss the first Sunday session, as my god-daughters 1st birthday is on Sunday. Yes there will be cake. And yes I will be eating a (very small, portion controlled) piece of it. Hey, you have to live!

Happy New Year!

Happy January 1st, everyone!

This year is going to be my year of transformation, physical and mental. I’m part of the way there already thanks to an awesome end to 2011, and now I plan to continue the way I’ve started. I got off to a good start this morning when I dragged my sorry hungover arse out of bed, not too early, to jog down to the footy oval and do some interval sprints. Nausea inducing, headache exacerbating, and calorie burning! Love it, and what a great way to start the year. As of tomorrow the boot camp I attend with Sweat Depot starts again, yep, at 7am on a public holiday (they give us a bit of a sleep in…) and I’m fully back into training.

I don’t normally do New Years resolutions. In the past I’ve made some half-hearted attempts, but I always seem to end up breaking them quite early on in the year. Probably because they’re a token attempt to improve myself with no real plan or goals. But this year is different, this year I’m going to list my “achievable goals”. So here they are:

  1. Lose more weight. Ok, this one is a no-brainer, but you want specifics, right? Ok then. By the end of Round 1, 2012 of the 12 Week Body Transformation I will be in the healthy BMI range, so 73kg or less. That puts me at a BMI of 24.9. I will achieve this by 6 May 2012 (by my calculation of the date, I may change that if I have miscounted!). I’m currently sitting on 82.9kg, so that’s a loss of 10kg in 18 weeks, or about 0.6kg average per week. Easy!
  2. Run 10k without stopping. The Bridge to Brisbane is in August, and I can run 5K now non-stop. So I’m going to follow the Freeway to 10K program from DJ Steve to get me to running an hour, and then work on my speed and endurance to get up to 10K. Then I’ll run the Bridge to Brisbane, start to finish, without walking or stopping!

So that’s pretty much it at this stage. There are a whole bunch of measurement and fitness targets that I have as well, but they are components of the above two goals. I’ll let you know my progress!

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