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Dreeeeaaaaam, Dream Dream Dream…

I’ve never been a superstitious person. I don’t believe in ghosts, or premonitions. I can walk under ladders and pat black cats until the cows come home. Which is why the dream I had last night, when I sat and thought about it, was all the more interesting. I’ve read dream interpretation books and websites and thought to myself “yeah, whatever”. But this time…

I’ll preface this by saying that my clean eating, exercising pattern has gone a bit off the rails this week. And last week if I’m honest. Eating out, way too many calories, and apart from a couple of killer sessions on the weekend with an awesome bunch of people, pretty much no exercise at all. Obviously that’s been playing on my mind a bit.

I dreamt I had a new baby. Now before you all oooh and aaah, it’s not going to happen, OK? Ever. Let’s just clarify that. It was a DREAM! So after a relatively easy labour and delivery, she was there, a perfect, rose-lipped little baby girl. I knew I had to feed her, so I started trying but she wasn’t really interested. She knew she wanted it and was crying a bit, but she couldn’t get her head around how to do it. And for me, it all became too hard.

So I gave up, left her lying in the middle of the bed, and left. I went out for lunch with my husband. I don’t remember what we ate, but I do remember that it was really good. After lunch I remembered my baby, and realised I had to get back to her because everyone would disapprove strongly of my neglect. I found my way back to the hospital with no problems, but when I tried to get back to my ward and bed there were a million and one obstacles in my way, corridors and walls where there weren’t any before, and I couldn’t find her. And then I woke up…

Now, in my mind my baby is representative of my new body. And even the easy delivery is symbolic. I’ve actually found losing weight to be relatively easy this time. Sure, the workouts have been challenging. But the just saying no part? My head seems (until now) to be dealing with that quite nicely. I’ve lost something in the order of 25kg in about 6 months. I’ve been trying, but it really wasn’t the drama that it has been in the past.

But when it came to maintaining my brand new body, I couldn’t be bothered putting in the required effort, and just gave up. And then I could ‘t find it again. Pretty obvious, huh? Well let me tell you, Universe. That ain’t gonna happen! It’s a dream, not a premonition. It’s a warning of what could happen if I don’t pay attention, not what will happen. And when I consider it in the cold light of day, I’m enjoying my life the way it is way too much to go back to how I was before.

So on that note, I’ve just printed out today’s gym program, and I’m about to head down there. I had a quick sneaky peek and it looks pretty damn hard, but that serves me right for being a slacker. After that I’m going to have a nice, healthy, SMALL lunch, and then work this afternoon to distract me. And tomorrow? Rinse, repeat. For the rest of my life.

I had a bit of a moment, but I’ve got this, people. It’s all good.

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