Unleashing My Inner Awesome

My "journey" through health, fitness and life in general

Stats and measurements

Weights and measures

This page contains used to contain the weights and measurements from the start of the 12 Week Body Transformation Round 3 2011 on 11 September 2011, to now!

But that’s not important now. My size doesn’t matter. And no, I’m NOT saying that because I’ve put the weight back on. I haven’t, in fact the last 6 months have seen a loss of 3.5kg of fat and a GAIN of 3kg of muscle, according to my DEXA scan. Apparently women of my “advanced age” can’t put on that much muscle that quickly. I call bullshit.

So this page now contains a list of stuff I’ve done, in memory order (i.e. no particular order!)

I’ve run a half marathon.

I’ve climbed Mt Warning in the dark to watch the sun rise.

I’ve joined a triathlon club.

I’ve done my first enticer triathlon, and signed up for 4 this season including my first Olympic distance tri at the Gold Coast in April.

I’ve met amazing people.

I’ve had a photo spread taken with Woman’s Day! Me and my 7 friends have lost over 350kg between us. Apparently that’s newsworthy or something.

I’ve quit the job that was driving me insane and am currently back with my babies. And am working on an awesome business plan. Stay tuned for that one!

And that’s just the beginning.

Thanks for letting me know what you think!

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