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People are real.



Real women have curves. 

Real women have muscles. 

Real women are skinny. 

Real women lift weights. 

Real women run. 

Real women need help getting the lid off the pasta sauce jar. 

Real women stay at home and look after their families. 

Real women have 14 children. 

Real women have no children. 

Real women have PhDs. 

Real women empty garbage bins and clean toilets and read comics and read the bible and believe in science but not God and run and lift weights and eat bread and eat bacon and eat fucking tofu if they want.

Enough of the “real women are…” bullshit. Real women are real. Otherwise they wouldn’t be. Defining a particular shape or size or type of woman as real defines everyone else as unreal. Really? You really wanna go down that judgemental route? 

That is all. 

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