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My issue is bigger than your issue


So much angst, so much fighting lately. I’ve been reading many many comments on Facebook and Twitter and in blogs about people feeling offended when others bring up issues. “You’re not allowed to feel bad about your post-baby belly and stretch marks because I’m infertile, you should just be grateful you can have a baby”. “You’re not allowed to feel good about your body because it makes me feel bad about mine”. “Don’t talk about enjoying food, it triggers my eating disorder”. “My cancer experience is definitely worse than your cancer experience”. “Don’t talk about your workout routines in front of me, it makes me feel guilty about not doing anything” (that one was an actual quote an acquaintence of mine received from a work colleague! They thought she was joking, but apparently she wasn’t.)

Maybe if we all paid less attention to what others say and do and more attention to our own behaviour, our lives would be easier. Maybe what really needs to happen is for everyone in the world to accept others for their own beliefs and hangups and weird little quirks, and love them for it. Wouldn’t that be good? If everyone just went “yep, that’s you. That’s what you think. It’s not what I think, but I absolutely respect and acknowledge your right to say it”.

Think about it. A worldwide movement starts with one person taking action. How about making it your action?

It’s because I love you

Are you living your life the way that you think you should? Are you making decisions, work, life, family decisions, because you think that others think you should?

So STOP! Making life choices with consideration for others is one thing. Doing what is expected is something completely different. It will stifle you, and hold you back, and make you resent everyone around you. Living according to the wishes of others will mean you lead a life that diminishes you and holds you back.

You have the capacity within yourself to live the best life you possibly can. You just need to start making decisions that are right for you. Consider the options, realise what empowers and enriches you, and do it.

Off you go then!

Again, stronger


Another round of 12WBT. Lean and Strong program this time. Weights and strength and general all-round awesomeness. 12 weeks off running is going to be tough, but I need to build muscle.

When my friends are all in nursing homes and struggling to get out of their chairs, I won’t be. I want to be like the amazing man who goes to a lot of the same triathlons as me. He wins his age category every time, because he’s usually the only one in it. He’s 91.

He’s my fitness hero.

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