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Chaos and randomness


Not everything happens for a reason. Not all bad events (illness, family issues, financial dramas) occur to test us, or to show us something, or because we have been less than perfect.

Sometimes shit just happens. Shit happens to bad people and good people equally. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you attracted it, sometimes you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s the universe and its chaos and randomness for you. Some things are just inexplicable.

Don’t overanalyse events. Don’t try to work out the reason or the lesson in everything that occurs in your life. It happened. Acknowledge that and move on. Otherwise you will never be able to move forward.

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3 thoughts on “Chaos and randomness

  1. Stuff happens. If you get stuck hanging out for the answer “why?” you will never ever get that answer! Acknowledge it, it is what it is. Move on and perhaps a reason why or a lesson might come in the future… years and years later even… or perhaps never. *shrug* What I know for sure is if you get stuck on looking for the answer to ‘why?’ it will evade you. xxx

  2. Yes!! I’m onto this. Things have happened in the last week that I thought (at first) needed to be analyzed and broken down and talked about thought about… and *really* dealt with… and then… No. No they do not. I just don’t have time/headspace for it. It is what it is and the universe will let me know when it isn’t…. Onward and Upward.

    No more dealing with shit.

    Just let shit happen.


  3. Let it unfold! It will unfold exactly as it is meant to. May not be comfortable or fun at times…. but let it unfold. Fighting it just brings those mac trucks that have reverse! xxx

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