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The “Journey”



I dislike the word “journey” in relation to health and fitness. Every contestant on The Biggest Loser and every Weight Watchers member I know has been on a “journey”. The word grates with me, and I think I’ve just worked out why.

A journey ends. You set out, you get there and you stop. But then what? What happens when you reach the destination? I know, people say you can just set bigger and better destinations, but wouldn’t it be far better to always be travelling?

It’s the same with “goals”. Set a goal, sure, but make it a glorious and unachievable one. Who knows what you are capable of? I certainly don’t. My goals are mini-milestones along the way, but I don’t really have an “ultimate goal”. I won’t set one either, because I know if I get there I’ll stop. What I will do instead is just keep on going, transforming me into the person I want to be. And at this stage I have no idea who that is!

I leave you with this… an alternative Journey. Don’t stop believing people.


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2 thoughts on “The “Journey”

  1. You take my thoughts. And then you make sense of them. Also, I just made Zucchini fritters, totally in your honor!

  2. And yet … I sit here, resolutely zucchini-fritterless. i.e. WHERE’S MINE??? 😉

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