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Chaos and randomness


Not everything happens for a reason. Not all bad events (illness, family issues, financial dramas) occur to test us, or to show us something, or because we have been less than perfect.

Sometimes shit just happens. Shit happens to bad people and good people equally. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you attracted it, sometimes you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s the universe and its chaos and randomness for you. Some things are just inexplicable.

Don’t overanalyse events. Don’t try to work out the reason or the lesson in everything that occurs in your life. It happened. Acknowledge that and move on. Otherwise you will never be able to move forward.

It’s the last day on Earth…

According to the Mayans, anyway. So this will either be MY last blog post, or the sun will rise tomorrow and the world will keep turning and I’ll have to go to work as usual.

So, stuff’s changed for me. And I’m not the person I used to be. I am beginning to realise some of my potential, but now the issue is I don’t KNOW my potential!

As someone who’s been overweight or obese her entire adult life, I have never been at a healthy weight, or participated fully in sports and physical activities, or really felt good about myself. About the way I look or the way I feel.

And now I do. So now I begin to experiment with the potential that is untapped. I will do things that terrify me. I will never say no because I don’t believe I can. I will say yes. And Yes. And YES!

Life is too short to limit yourself. What are you going to say yes to today?

The “Journey”



I dislike the word “journey” in relation to health and fitness. Every contestant on The Biggest Loser and every Weight Watchers member I know has been on a “journey”. The word grates with me, and I think I’ve just worked out why.

A journey ends. You set out, you get there and you stop. But then what? What happens when you reach the destination? I know, people say you can just set bigger and better destinations, but wouldn’t it be far better to always be travelling?

It’s the same with “goals”. Set a goal, sure, but make it a glorious and unachievable one. Who knows what you are capable of? I certainly don’t. My goals are mini-milestones along the way, but I don’t really have an “ultimate goal”. I won’t set one either, because I know if I get there I’ll stop. What I will do instead is just keep on going, transforming me into the person I want to be. And at this stage I have no idea who that is!

I leave you with this… an alternative Journey. Don’t stop believing people.


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