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Giving something back

Today was the last long run in the training I’m doing to run the half marathon at this years Brisbane Running Festival. 18km thankyouverymuch. My husband dropped me off near his work (I think he’s secretly a bit disturbed, but also somewhat impressed), and I ran home.

Did I mention it was 18km??

It was slow. It was hard. It was painful, and I’m damn sure it wasn’t pretty. But I bloody well did it. And now I’ve got some sprint/beach/hill sessions, and two more runs of 15 and 12km respectively, and in 3 weeks from Sunday it’s race day.

So what made me decide to run 21.1km on a Sunday morning? Well, there’s the “significant event” aspect. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Robert de Castella’s magnificent victory in the Brisbane Commonwealth Games. Sadly, I vividly remember that event, as well as the kitsch but world-changing moment when Matilda batted her long-lashed eye at the world in a wink.

But I also wanted to use my new-found fitness to give back. I’m never going to be a world-class athlete. There’s a limit to how I can contribute in the fitness world. I’m trying, and supporting others, but really it’s a drop in the ocean. So I thought I’d use my new network of fitness freak buddies to help me raise some money to donate to Youngcare, an extraordinary organisation that is working to provide age-appropriate accommodation to young disabled people. Around 7,000 young people currently live in nursing homes with the elderly, simply because there is no alternative. Youngcare are determined to change that, and give these guys a chance to live in their own space where it’s ok to put heavy metal posters on the walls, sleep in on weekends and play loud music. Not really too much to ask, I wouldn’t have thought.

So dig deep and throw in a few dollars for this amazing group of people. I’ve done my small part, now it’s up to you.

Donate here now! 

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