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I’m a bad blogger. Over a month since my last post! Sorry about that.

So Round 1 of Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation started last week. Fitness test and measurement time. So here are some of my own personal stats, comparing where I was in August last year with where I am now:

Weight then: 99kg

Weight now: 80.4kg

Difference: 18.6kg

1km time trial then: 11 min 30 sec

1km time trial now: 5 min 57 sec

Difference: 5 min 33 sec

Pushups then: 19 on my knees in a minute

Pushups now: 21 on my TOES in a minute!

Difference: Priceless…

Ab strength test then: Level 0

Ab strength test now: Level 3

Wall sit then: 30 seconds

Wall sit now: 2 minutes 1 second

Sit and reach then: 0 cm

Sit and reach now: 5 cm

Other stuff I’ve achieved in the last 6 months:

1/ I can run 5km non stop. In 34 minutes…

2/ I completed a triathlon! An enticer, but still…

3/ I run up mountains

4/ I throw tyres around

5/ I own (and use!) a pair of boxing gloves

6/ A Sunday morning bike ride of 35 km seems, I don’t know, just a bit short?

So I’m back for another round. I love the meal plans, I love the support and I love the mental changes I’m making.

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  1. You are an inspiration my friend

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